Travel Insurance

Take me away, Let’s Fly Away! Get Travel Insurance for your next adventure

Travel Insurance

Why Get Travel Insurance?

Booking travel always carries some degree of uncertainty. Travel insurance provides a safety net so you can step out with confidence. You may not need travel insurance for inexpensive trips, but it can provide a sense of security when you prepay for pricey reservations or a big international trip.

More Americans are buying trip insurance. Around 65.8 million people were covered by some type of travel policy in 2018, a 49% increase from 2016, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Travel Insurance Association. View Related articles

What to know in terms of coverage when getting Travel Insurance?

Depending on the travel insurance policy you get will you the answer to that question. However, in general, travel insurance will cover losses associated with:

  • - Cancelled flight due to bad weather
  • - Lost passport
  • - Lost baggage
  • - Nonrefundable trip deposits
  • - Delayed travel
  • - Medical evacuation
  • - Policyholders or companions becoming sick or injured

The top questions people ask us

Getting travel insurance quotes on Black Insure is easy, fast, and free. We will then present you with a list of travel insurance policy quotes available for your trip, from which you can compare and buy online.  

Enter the total amount of your non-refundable and pre-paid travel arrangements to be insured (e.g., flights, hotels, cruises). If you would like to see plans that exclude trip cancellation coverage (but include other benefits), enter $0 for your Trip Cost. Please note that rewards points, frequent flier miles and their dollar equivalents cannot be insured.

After you have entered your Trip Cost, indicate in the next drop-down menu whether the Trip Cost entered was a total amount for all travellers or the cost per person.

Select your destination country from the list. If you are visiting multiple countries, choose the destination that you will be spending the most time during your trip or one of the countries on your itinerary if you are spending equal time in each (you will still be covered when visiting other countries from your specified departure date through your return date).  

Click on the calendar icon to select the date that you are leaving for your trip as well as the date that you return. If you type the date in, please use mm/dd/yyyy format.  

Please select the number of travellers that you would like to insure on this policy. Please only add travellers that share the same trip dates/itineraries and quote and buy separately if you have travellers with different itineraries and/or states of residence.  

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