Business Registration

Register your business or entity easily in any state


What is Business Registration?

Business registration is required by law. This type of registration allows the public to know who is operating a company. By registering a business, you are ensuring no one else can operate a company under the same structure. View Related articles

Why Business Registration?

It is important to register your business for the following reasons and more:

  1. To avoid legal problems with the government.
  2. To secure your reputation as a legitimate business.
  3. To build trust among suppliers, customers, and employees.
  4. To fully market your brand and business everywhere.
  5. To open opportunities to do business transactions with large companies.

The top questions people ask us

Start it as an S corporation, unless you have to issue both common stock and preferred stock; in that case start it as a C corporation. And an S corporation can easily be converted later into a C corporation. LLCs are popular but can get overly complicated. Partnerships and sole proprietorships are to be avoided because of the potential personal liability to the owners of the business.

The standard answer to this is Delaware because of its well-developed corporate law. My answer is that it should be the state where the business is located, as this will save you some fees and complexities. You can always reincorporate later in Delaware.

As much as you can reasonably afford, and in an amount to at least carry you for 6-9 months with no income. What you will find is that it always takes you longer to get revenues and that you will experience more expenses than you anticipated.

A business that:
  • You are passionate about
  • Doesn’t take a kazillion dollars to fund
  • Has the potential to grow into something big in a reasonable time frame
  • You have some experience in (avoiding the problem of “you don’t know what you don’t know”)
  • You have some experience in (avoiding the problem of “you don’t know what you don’t know”)
  • You would enjoy doing (don’t build a business that you will dread going to every day)
  • One that can cause meaningful improvement in users’ lives

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Note: These are general Business Registration FAQs. We also suggest you read the FAQs for the Business Registration company we work with.