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Ever been refused service at a bar in a foreign country? Have you had to suffer copious amounts of staring during a vacation? Let's face it. Traveling as a black person is a thing. Black tourists, unfortunately, have to deal with unpleasant treatment in foreign countries. Some countries are better than others. No doubt. But the frustration, disgust, and utter numbness that comes with the not-so-cool experiences that African-Americans encounter are getting harder to suppress especially when these events make international news.

Packing up and moving to another country or simply going on a vacation has so many advantages, including building up your network, getting a fresh start, and learning a new language. For black families looking to relocate or go for a vacation, many factors go into play before picking a location. You have to keep in mind race relations, stereotypes, and how you might be treated based on the color of your skin. You might also want to consider access to quality education and healthcare, employment opportunities, as well as homeownership among people of color.

Based on these factors, whether you are hoping to relocate or go on a vacation, here are some of the best countries inviting to black people.

1. The United Kingdom

The police do not carry guns on the streets. So you can say The United Kingdom is one of the safest places for black families. It also measures well for education, community, job opportunities, and diversity. Though London is expensive, you will find cheaper housing as you move further away from the city.

2. Canada

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world and is globally known for being a welcoming and accepting country. It has so much to offer including an excellent education system, a strong economy, a high standard of living, and a quality medical care system, which makes it an ideal location for black families. But which part of Canada should I head to?  Well, we’d say Toronto, because of its thriving Caribbean culture, but it can get quite busy for that very reason. That’s why you should head to Montreal instead. Montreal is a city in Québec, Canada. It has a strong Afro-Caribbean culture and is a foodie city with the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada. And if you love music, visit in June for the annual Montreal Jazz Festival that features famous Black jazz musicians.

3. Panama

The Panamanian people are known to be extremely friendly and will make you feel right at home. The cost of living is low, the country has low crime rates and long life expectancy. It is ideal for your family because of its relaxed nature.

4. Scotland

Not sure you’ll ever meet people as hilarious and authentic as the Scottish people. They have a great sense of humor and while you'll only catch every third word or so due to their accents, their charm, welcoming spirits, and laid-back personalities are second to none.

These people will invite you for a beer and open up to you with their life stories within seconds. Yeah, that‘s how comfortable they can get around you. But hey, try not to visit this country in the winter because... Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

5. Germany

Heard of the Dark Nazi history of Germany? Well due to this history, Germans have no room to repeat or harbor negativity towards other cultures. It even appears they make a deliberate effort not to do so.

Germany is a pretty liberal country and has something for everyone, including you. From the crazy house parties to the endless selection of cuisines to the hipster vibe dripping throughout the streets. It's got an amazing international community, so you'll be mingling with people from all walks of life on a nightly basis.

6. Poland

Not only do the Polish people stop and smile at you as you pass them on the street, but you can feel their warmth and genuine appreciation for you in their expressions. Though the basic words of the Polish language are a challenge to master, they'll smile at your attempts and will meet you more than halfway with their very high levels of English.

7. Montenegro

In Montenegro, you‘ll be treated like royalty. There is a particular town in Montenegro called Budva that's on the end of how much black skin can be appreciated abroad. There, you're not only welcomed, but you're also practically celebrated, as you're viewed as a celebrity. While these experiences will come with a fair share of people asking for selfies, understand that it'll still be far more enjoyable because they're people who feel honored by your existence, not threatened by it.

As you’re casually mistaken for a famous black celebrity or actress constantly, restaurant owners will invite you to try their main dishes, bar owners will spoil you with drinks on the house, and private beach clubs will let you lounge on their property for as long you’d like. Sounds like living the best life, doesn't it?  

8. Portugal

Portugal is hands down the most underrated country in Europe. It doesn't get as much love as its next-door neighbor, Spain, but should not be overlooked. Portugal has climbed nine places to claim the title of the friendliest country towards foreign residents worldwide. Since it is such an incredibly diverse country in its own right, it is one of the best countries for Black travelers. If you are going for the first time, you should visit Lisbon, Porto or Faro. These cities have huge African communities.

9. Ghana

Yes, Yes, let’s come down to our dear Africa. It’s been 400 years since the first slave ships departed from the shores of Ghana before arriving in the Western world. Ghanaian politicians have also long been advocates of the Pan-African movement and in 2019, Ghana started to invite people of African descent to visit with the promise of easier visa applications and a year-long calendar of culturally immersive events, tagging it the "Year of Return." Since then, many have been traveling back to Ghana to connect with their ancestral roots, so there has never been a better time for Black people to travel there. Plus, Ghana is indeed one of the safest places to visit or live.

10. Thailand

Thailand has become one of the most popular travel destinations for people of color – especially Black women.  There’s so much to love about Thailand. The country is an excellent budget option. Affordable lodging can be found in pretty much any part of the country and, if you stay out of restaurants and stick to local street food, you'll be surprised at how far your budget will stretch. Their food is cheap and flavourful. The beaches are divine, the temples are sights to behold, and you can enjoy spa days.

Thai people are also known for their hospitality, warm and welcoming attitudes. They are always willing to extend a hand to travelers. While their stares might be intimidating, they’re mostly out of admiration and curiosity.  


Travel is so personal, so it might be difficult to pinpoint the best countries for you. And while these suggestions may not be an exhaustive list for the top countries inviting to black people, you could start with them. You will certainly feel comfortable and welcomed exploring these 10 locations. So, feel free to add them to your bucket list.